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Asatte Systems Inc. has developed patient management software specifically designed for medical specialists. This software is unique in that it also is designed to make use of Internet communications to provide a national level research database. Asatte Systems Inc. has successfully developed, implemented and manages the Canadian Congestive Heart Failure Clinic Network using this software. Key heart failure hospitals across Canada and top heart failure researchers currently participate.

The software is data-driven, which means that the software can be fully customized to meet specificdisease requirements. This also provides long term flexibility in the data being collected. This software provides online patient management for individual clinics which helps to ensure a high degree of accuracy in the data being collected. Industry standard software ensures compatibility over a wide range of software and hardware.

A large-scale registry is a major undertaking for any organization. Asatte Systems Inc. has designed, developed, implemented and now manages a national Canadian clinic management system and research database for Congestive Heart Failure.

Use of the Asatte Clinic Management System (CMS) and Central Research Database (CRDB) can help ensure your organization is at the forefront of patient care and international medical research.

The Asatte CMS and CRDB systems are a completely integrated solution that has been proven in performance at major hospitals across Canada. These components were designed and developed in unison, with strict design considerations for patient security, growth, and flexibility to support a multi-year, nation-wide program. Given the unique Canadian geographic challenges, the Asatte CMS system is specifically designed to be installed, operated, and maintained by clinic staff with only basic computer skills. Finally, the Asatte CMS system is fully bilingual, including all online help and user manuals.

Canadian Congestive Heart Failure Clinics Network