Business Data Systems

Activity Based Costing / Management

Activity Based Costing / Management (ABC/M) is revolutionizing decision making in organizations around the world. ABC/M solves many of the shortcomings of cost accounting and provides organizations with the ability to understand what products, customers, services and channels are profitable. ABC differs from traditional cost accounting techniques as it accounts for all "fixed" and direct costs as variables, without allocating costs based upon a customer's unit volume, total days in production or percentage of indirect costs. ABC/M tracks an organization's flow of activities by linking the activity (resource consumption) to the cost object.

Asatte ABC-In Software

 The decision making capabilities of any Activity Based Costing model can only be as good as the data collected.

Asatte Systems Inc. has a broad background in large-scale data collection systems, and has applied this knowledge to create robust, intuitive and easily implemented data collection and reporting solutions for ABC.

Asatte Systems Inc. has been working in conjunction with ABC Technologies for over three years. Asatte Systems Inc. has produced an important software component, ABC-In, which is closely integrated with ABC Technologies ORO® Analytics modeling software.

ABC-In software is designed to easily integrate with your OROS® model, with the user interface dynamically configured to match your OROS® model. Output from the data collection can then be loaded directly back into the OROS® system for analysis.

Whether your ABC data collection requirements are local or global in nature, ABC-In solutions can be tailored to provide a rapidly implemented low-cost solution using Web-browser based Internet, intranet or client/server technology to enable your company maximize the competitive advantage of Activity Based Costing quickly and easily.